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Concrete Replacement Services in the Wichita Area

Replace concrete to address widespread damage and instablity

Over time, a concrete surface can undergo extensive damage and deteriorate. What may seem like a small problem or a small crack in the concrete can turn into dangerous problems down the road, especially if the underlying soil has shifted, leaving your concrete slab in unstable pieces that shift when you walk over them. In those cases, it’s most likely time to replace your concrete. Our team at Arise Concrete Leveling in Wichita, KS, can get the job done. 

Working with concrete takes expertise and specialized tools. You want a confident, determined team that is going to get you the results you need. Along with our concrete repairs and leveling services, we are also proud to now offer concrete replacement services. We specialize in everything from patio replacement to pool deck replacement and can get your concrete back to the way it’s supposed to be.

Anything from concrete driveways to sidewalks and pool decks, Arise Concrete Leveling is here to give your concrete the attention it needs. When you call us, our expert team will provide you with: 

  • Fair, competitive pricing 
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  • Hassle-free service 
  • Reliable materials and devices 
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Concrete Lifting and Leveling

Over time, water can seep into the concrete on your patio, driveway, or walkways. During cold weather, that water can freeze and expand, causing cracks. The more cracked the concrete becomes, the more it is unsupported. This will lead to sunken and settled concrete. If your concrete is already sunken and settled, we can perform lifting and leveling services to restore your original concrete forms. We will proceed by drilling holes in the concrete and pumping polyurethane foam underneath to lift the concrete and create an even base layer. We will then patch the holes with grout that matches the rest of your concrete to restore a tidy, slip-resistant surface. Once the foam cures, you’ll be able to use the new concrete within 15 minutes. 

Concrete Replacement

While we can often level damaged concrete to address issues, extensive damage from settling soil and deep, wide cracks may require a more intensive solution. We may recommend tearing out the old concrete and pouring a new concrete slab to address widespread issues and provide you with a fresh and improved concrete surface.. We simply remove the old concrete, level the base, apply a new layer of gravel or sand, and pour in the new concrete. From driveway replacement to sidewalk replacement, new concrete may be the only option to address extensive damage and deep voids. Leaving a cracked, unstable concrete slab can be a hazard, but our concrete replacement service keeps the space safe and instantly improves curb appeal. We’ll always perform an inspection to see if leveling can work for your concrete, but if not, rest assured that our replacement service is hassle-free and makes concrete issues a thing of the past!

repaired concrete driveway
new garage concrete pad
technician spreading replacement concrete driveway and replacement front sidewalk

We Offer Services in Wichita, KS, and Hutchinson, KS

Our Arise Concrete Leveling team specializes in premier Wichita concrete repair and leveling services. Based in Wichita, KS, we proudly serve Sedgwick, Cowley, Butler, and Harvey Counties. Our team proudly provides reliable, efficient service, so if you’re in need of concrete leveling, check out the additional areas we serve.

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