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Wichita KS Concrete Repair

Wichita Concrete Pad Leveling

As a homeowner in Wichita, there’s every chance you’re faced with the challenges of sinking concrete pads, either in an AC pad, a sidewalk, or a backyard patio. The professionals at Arise Concrete Leveling understand this because, over time, various factors like soil erosion, soil compaction, subsidence, and fluctuations in the moisture content of the underlying soil will cause concrete slabs and pads to settle unevenly. This not only disfigures the aesthetic appeal of your property, unlevel concrete pads and slabs also pose safety risks. Our specialized concrete pad leveling and slab raising with foam jacking in Wichita offers an innovative and efficient solution to these issues.

Foam jacking is a core service offered by Arise Concrete Leveling. It is a highly effective method for raising and stabilizing concrete slabs. Unlike traditional methods, our technique involves drilling small, ⅜-inch holes, significantly reducing the impact on your concrete. The rapid reaction time of the foam—setting in just 8 seconds and reaching 90% cure within 15 minutes—means the area is ready for use almost immediately, often on the same day. This method saves you time, is considerably less expensive than traditional leveling methods, and often costs up to 50% less than the expense of demolishing and pouring new concrete.

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Residential Concrete Repair

Driveways, sidewalks, pool decks, A/C pads, patios, porches.

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Commercial & Industrial Concrete Repair

Interior and Exterior Leveling for trip hazards and voids.

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Deep Foamjection

Soil Stabilization and Large Voids.

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Raising Slabs With Foam Jacking in Wichita

Attention to detail is at the foundation of our concrete pad leveling services in Wichita. We maintain a clean and orderly environment while performing our services, thus our team ensures minimal disruption to your daily life. Besides leveling concrete pads, will employ concrete crack filler techniques that effectively address uneven surfaces without compromising the structural integrity of your concrete. The HMI foam we use is strong, lightweight, and dense, and offers a long-lasting solution that is resistant to moisture and the various chemicals found in soil. Our time-tested method ensures that once the foam has been applied, it will not resettle, and will provide a secure and structurally sound foundation for your concrete pad.


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Choose Arise Concrete Leveling for concrete pad leveling and foam jacking in Wichita. Our commitment to top-notch customer service, fair and competitive pricing, and our prompt completion ensures you receive the best experience and results. Our foam jacking technique is more than just cost-effective and clean. It is eco-friendly, contributing to environmental sustainability by keeping concrete slabs from being hauled to a landfill. Contact us today for a free inspection and estimate, and let us restore the stability and appearance of your concrete surfaces with efficiency and expertise.