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Patio Repair Wichita

Wichita Patio Repair With a Simple Solution

Cracked or uneven patio surfaces are unsightly and dangerous, but are often neglected because of the misconception that the only solution is slab replacement. Homeowners in Wichita and the surrounding area can restore their damaged concrete patios with an easy and affordable polyurethane foam injection from Arise Concrete Leveling in Wichita. Our patio repair and concrete raising services are fast and easy, yet effective and will last long-term. Repairing your concrete is also a more affordable solution than a traditional replacement project.

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Residential Concrete Repair

Driveways, sidewalks, pool decks, A/C pads, patios, porches.

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Commercial & Industrial Concrete Repair

Interior and Exterior Leveling for trip hazards and voids.

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Deep Foamjection

Soil Stabilization and Large Voids.

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The Advantages of Polyurethane Foam Lifting

Many concrete patios can be repaired with polyurethane foam, which is applied directly under the surface and doesn’t require extensive demolition. Our Wichita patio repair team can evaluate your patio to determine whether this solution will be effective for your home. We’ll use a simple process to apply the foam, which offers multiple benefits, such as:

  • Same day results: Unlike pouring concrete that requires a long cure time, polyurethane foam sets quickly so your patio can be used within 15 minutes after application.
  • Budget friendly: Repairing a patio is more affordable than replacing the concrete slab, which involves more labor, equipment, and materials.
  • Less disruptive: Other concrete repair solutions like mudjacking involve larger holes, causing more disruptions to your home. Our drills create small, ⅜ inch holes that are quickly and easily filled.
  • Durability: Polyurethane resists moisture, making it an ideal material to fill in cracks and prevent your patio from future settlement issues.
  • A greener solution: HMI foam is a self contained material that won’t leach into the surrounding soil. Patio repair is also a more eco-friendly alternative that won’t create additional landfill waste.

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Effective Solutions from Arise Concrete Leveling

Arise Concrete Leveling is proud to offer patio repair to Wichita and with reliable home services. If your concrete patio is cracked, sunken, or uneven, it may be possible to repair your surface instead of replacing the entire slab. Our team is ready to serve you, so contact us for an evaluation and a quote.

We Offer Services in Wichita, KS, and Hutchinson, KS

Our Arise Concrete Leveling team specializes in premier Wichita concrete repair and leveling services. Based in Wichita, KS, we proudly serve Sedgwick, Cowley, Butler, and Harvey Counties. Our team proudly provides reliable, efficient service, so if you’re in need of concrete leveling, check out the additional areas we serve.

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