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Residential Concrete Leveling

Level sunken or settled concrete

Arise Concrete Leveling is a team of experts in the concrete and crack filling service industry. We’ve learned what you want, and we know how to provide it. Our team of experts is all about hassle-free service, on-time work and competitive pricing.

When working with concrete, it takes determination. If the concrete doesn’t rise immediately, we know that this is just a stubborn slab of concrete and we stay on it until we get the desired result. Some competitors won’t even look at difficult jobs, these are the ones we love. We use the best mechanical devices, methods and materials to get the job done.

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Concrete Lifting and Leveling

The sunken or settled concrete slab is lifted by drilling 3/8″ holes in the slab and pumping structural grade polyurethane foam material under the slab. The voids are then filled, allowing the slab to be raised and supported. The holes are patched with grout. Then, we do our best to match your concrete, and the process is finished. The foam cures within 15 minutes and can be used immediately.

Concrete Crack Repair

Caulking your concrete is the number one way to prolong its life. Cracks in your concrete allow water to flow down beneath the surface of the concrete. It then begins to erode the soil, creating a void. This leads to more cracks and sunken or settled concrete as the pressure increases on unsupported concrete. We recommend crack filling for all lifting and leveling projects but it is also recommended to fill cracks before they become a problem.

We Offer Services in Wichita, KS, and Hutchinson, KS

Our Arise Concrete Leveling team specializes in premier Wichita concrete repair and leveling services. Based in Wichita, KS, we proudly serve Sedgwick, Cowley, Butler, and Harvey Counties. Our team proudly provides reliable, efficient service, so if you’re in need of concrete leveling, check out the additional areas we serve.

Wichita Concrete Repair & Leveling Services

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