Slab Foundation Repair in Wichita

If you’re concerned about damage to your slab foundation, Arise Concrete Leveling can help. Our slab foundation repair services in Wichita can repair your concrete slab’s settlement cracks, or uneven settlement issues.

Over time, the soil beneath a foundation can shift and cause the slab to sink or crack because of the pressure. A damaged slab foundation is unattractive and can also put you and your family at risk of tripping.

Arise Concrete Leveling offers effective and affordable settlement crack repair in Wichita, and we can restore your concrete slab foundation and provide long-lasting stability.

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Why Slab Foundation Repair Is the Better Choice

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to delay repairing their concrete slab because they assume that the project will be time-consuming and expensive. Traditional slab replacement can be an extensive and costly project, but the good news is some foundations can be repaired with a solution like polyurethane foam injection. This material provides the following benefits:

  • Affordability – Polyurethane foam doesn’t require any costs for demolition or additional equipment and materials. 
  • Quick and easy process – Repairing a slab with polyfoam is a very quick process with minimal preparation and cure time. The material cures within 15 minutes after application, so your surface is ready to use almost immediately.
  • Cleaner ingredients – Our HMI foam is safe for the environment and won’t contaminate the surrounding soil. Concrete repair also produces less waste than a traditional slab replacement, which requires workers to demolish and dispose of the damaged concrete.
  • Smooth finish – Some concrete repair solutions like mudjacking can leave behind messy residue that’s easily noticeable. Our services are done by drilling small ⅜-inch holes, which are then filled and smoothed for a clean finish.
  • Durability – Other concrete solutions might last for a while, but will eventually wear down from the elements like rain or melted snow. Polyfoam is moisture-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about issues in the future.

Trust Arise Concrete Leveling for Quality Slab Foundation Repair in Wichita

When your concrete slab foundation is having issues, you can trust our team to provide an affordable and long-lasting solution. Because we use only the highest quality products, homeowners trust our slab foundation repair services throughout Wichita. If you’re unsure about the best solution for your home, contact us today for a free inspection!


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