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Wichita Uneven Sidewalk Repair

Uneven Sidewalk Repair Services in Wichita

There are several reasons why sections of your concrete sidewalk may become uneven. The soil underneath the sidewalk undergoes natural expansion and contraction. During wet seasons, the soil absorbs moisture and expands. During drier periods, the soil contracts as the moisture evaporates or percolates away. This ongoing cycle of swelling and shrinking causes the soil that supports the concrete slabs of the sidewalk to shift. As the soil shifts, so do the concrete slabs of your sidewalk, which typically begin to sink unevenly. One side might rise while the other side drops, creating uneven surfaces and dangerous tripping hazards, particularly when the sidewalk surface is worn or slick. Tripping hazards create liability concerns in areas with high foot traffic. The constant day-to-day exposure to weather changes can exacerbate the soil and concrete slab issues, which makes timely uneven sidewalk repair essential in Wichita.


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Residential Concrete Repair

Driveways, sidewalks, pool decks, A/C pads, patios, porches.

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Commercial & Industrial Concrete Repair

Interior and Exterior Leveling for trip hazards and voids.

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Deep Foamjection

Soil Stabilization and Large Voids.

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Polyurethane Foam Concrete Lifting

Arise Concrete Leveling specializes in an innovative technique for efficiently leveling uneven sidewalks. Our method for uneven sidewalk repair in Wichita involves polyurethane foam concrete lifting, a sturdy and durable fix that will last year after year.

Our concrete repair specialists drill a minimal number of small, discreet holes into the affected concrete sections, then strategically inject polyurethane foam beneath the concrete slabs. As it expands, the polyurethane foam lifts the concrete slabs and realigns them to their original position. Quick and efficient, the sidewalk is usually ready for full use in about 15 minutes.

Benefits of Polyurethane Foam Concrete Lifting for Wichita:

  • More cost-effective than full concrete replacement
  • No need for disruptive demolition or heavy machinery
  • Most jobs are completed in under an hour
  • Immediate use after repair
  • Suitable for leveling concrete in various locations
  • Durable and permanent leveling solution
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Effective for residential and commercial applications

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Ensure the safety and appearance of your walkways with our professional concrete lifting services. If your sidewalk has uneven slabs that require attention, don’t hesitate to contact Arise Concrete Leveling in the Wichita area for expert uneven sidewalk repair. We offer a complimentary consultation to assess the damage and to consult with you on all available repair options. Contact us today for a lasting solution!