Concrete Leveling in Andale, KS

Concrete leveling is a relatively quick process with long-lasting results. Depending on the size and scope of the project at hand, it could take anywhere from a few hours to a few days. No matter how long your job will be, the results will last for years to come.

cracked concrete garage floor in need of repair

For optimal concrete leveling in Andale, KS, you’re going to want a level-headed team you can trust. For the past decade, Andale residents have trusted Arise Concrete Leveling as their trusted concrete professionals. We can capably service residential and commercial concrete, repairing damage quickly and effectively to get your properties concrete looking as good as new!

We make use of specialized equipment, tools, and state-of-the-art technology to deliver on these promises. Need help leveling the concrete around your Kansas home or business? Our services are the key to leveling, lifting, and repairing your concrete surfaces.

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How Concrete Leveling Can Balance Uneven Surfaces

We’re happy to count Andale among the areas we serve. Likewise, we’re happy that Andale residents have counted on our services for over 10 years. We’ve helped Andale residents with jobs both big and small, like:

  • Uneven garage floors
  • Uneven sidewalk space
  • Uneven a/c pads
  • Uneven sunroom surfaces
  • Uneven pool decks
  • Uneven slab foundations
  • Uneven driveways
  • Uneven entrance steps
  • Uneven patio space

We can level all of this concrete without the need for traditional repair methods! Polyurethane foam concrete raising can begin to deliver results in a matter of minutes. Within the span of a few short, simple steps, we can have your slabs looking nice and new. 

Cost-Effective Concrete Repair & Leveling Services

Let’s take a closer look at what concrete leveling in Andale, KS, will entail. 

  1. We will drill a 3/8th-inch hole into the affected concrete. This is significantly less invasive than traditional concrete mudjacking.
  2. We will apply pressurized water and foam. The reaction will be apparent as quickly as eight seconds, and take up to 15 minutes to cure.
  3. We will wait. After hydro-jetting lifts the surface, the foam will gradually fill all voids, gaps, and cracks in the concrete.
  4. We will fill the gaps. We can implement a crack filler to reinforce and strengthen the raised structure’s foundation. 

We can use these foamjections to raise your home’s concrete and also stabilize and support its foundation. We can do this without the need for costly replacements. But if it comes to that, we’re well-equipped to tackle residential and commercial concrete replacement services too!  

Andale Residents Can Count On Arise for Concrete Leveling!

We are proud to provide reliable concrete leveling in Andale, KS, and surrounding areas. In addition to serving the aforementioned surfaces on residential properties, we can also make commercial properties more accessible and aesthetically pleasing. We can service shop floors, provide more inclusive approaches, and implement commercial ramps for businesses.

Need your Andale concrete lifted, leveled, or repaired? Whether the leveling job is big or small, residential or commercial, Arise Concrete Leveling knows how it works and what it takes. Call 316-867-6565 to connect with a member of our team!


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We are a family owned company

We are a family owned company in Wichita. Our team is dedicated to
providing cost effective repair solutions to home and business owners in the South Central Kansas area with settled concrete or soil stabilization problems. We offer state of the art technology to meet our customers’ needs by utilizing the best tools and materials available. We work hard to give our customers a great value and produce long lasting results. It is our goal to exceed expectations and industry standards.