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Concrete Floor Leveling in Wichita

Over time, the elements can cause soil to expand and contract beneath a concrete surface. This movement of soil can shift concrete slabs and create uneven settlement. Voids can also form due to settling subsoil or erosion due to poor drainage. Many homeowners believe the only solution is to replace the concrete slab, which can be time-consuming, messy, and costly. Fortunately, Arise Concrete Leveling offers another solution that’s more effective than traditional slab replacement. Our concrete floor leveling services in Wichita use polyfoam, a polyurethane foam that delivers long-lasting results at a more affordable price.

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Top Benefits of Concrete Leveling

If left untreated, an uneven concrete surface can reduce your property value in Wichita. Polyurethane foam lifting is an effective solution that can level your concrete to its original position. The polyfoam leveling process is fast and simple, while still providing multiple benefits:

  • Smooth surface: Other concrete leveling services like mudjacking create much larger holes; 1-inch or larger holes must be drilled into the concrete in order to pump the product under the surface, which can produce a rough surface. Our process uses small drills that produce ⅜-inch holes, which are less conspicuous and give you a cleaner finish.
  • Fast application: Polyfoam uses a polyurethane foam that cures within 15 minutes, allowing you to use your concrete shortly after application. 
  • Low cost: Concrete leveling doesn’t require demolition and is more cost-effective than slab replacement, which requires higher expenses for materials and labor. 
  • Less pollution: Our team uses HMI foam, which is an eco-friendly polyfoam material made up of over 40% recycled materials that doesn’t seep into the ground. Leveling your concrete will also avoid the need to dispose of excess materials in landfills.
  • Long-term stability: Once your concrete is leveled, we’ll apply moisture-resistant crack filler to ensure it’s protected from future settlement issues.

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Concrete floor leveling in Wichita is a simple polyfoam lifting process but should be done by a team of experts who use the proper materials and equipment. We’ll ensure your concrete is repaired correctly the first time, so you won’t have to make future repairs. We offer concrete floor leveling in Wichita and the surrounding areas, so contact us today to get started with a free quote!

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Our Arise Concrete Leveling team specializes in premier Wichita concrete repair and leveling services. Based in Wichita, KS, we proudly serve Sedgwick, Cowley, Butler, and Harvey Counties. Our team proudly provides reliable, efficient service, so if you’re in need of concrete leveling, check out the additional areas we serve.

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