What is causing my driveway to settle?

All homes settle over time and it can take years to see the effects of the damage.

First of all, unless your home is built on a rock, all homes and concrete will settle over time. The amount will vary depending on soil conditions and the quality of compaction. What we’re talking about here is an unusual amount of settling.  Here are a few things that will cause abnormal settling issues:

Soil Base Issue

  • The base is not stable.  Maybe the contractor used whatever was available on site. It could have been silty or sandy. It’s costly and time consuming to import new fill material. A contractor is trying to get the job done quickly. This is an easy step to want to skip.  They might not properly compact the soil. Unfortunately, it takes years to see the effects and at that point the warranty is expired.

Water Damage

  • Poorly graded yards are the norm and if you have a house with proper drainage you are in the minority here.  It takes a lot of time and a bit of expertise to finish the grading properly on a home and driveway. Cutting corners happens.
  • Placing downspouts incorrectly. They may be too close to the concrete or not far enough out to allow the water to drain into the yard.  This one can be harder to detect as it may be making large voids under the concrete and it goes unnoticed for years until a large crack occurs.
  • Leaky or broken water or sewer pipes. We’ve seen sprinkler heads cause an issue as well. They are too close to the concrete and water ends up under the slab.

So, what can the Homeowner do?

  • Seal all cracks and joints with caulk. Fill in the larger gaps with backer rod and caulked on top.
  • Place downspouts at least 5 feet away from the concrete.
  • Make sure your yard is sloping away from the concrete and home. You may have to bring in more soil. Tightly packing it so water is not going below the concrete.
  • Check your outdoor water faucets and sprinkler system for leaks.
  • If you decide to replace the concrete ensure the contractor is using proper fill material and compacting methods.

However, there is a solution that is cost-effective and permanent without the hassle of ripping out the concrete.

If your concrete has settled to the point it has become an eyesore or tripping hazard, you don’t have to replace it!  Arise Concrete Leveling uses polyfoam lifting techniques filling the void, stabilizing the soil and lifting the concrete back in place. Polyfoam is impervious to water so it won’t erode like mudjacking can. Above all, the drainage issue must be resolved.  Not even tear out and replace can guarantee it won’t happen again.  Let us give you a free estimate along with our 30 years of experience regarding proper drainage.  Schedule today!

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We are a family owned company in Wichita. Our team is dedicated to
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