Derby Residential Concrete Lifting & Foundation Crack Repair

Residential Concrete Repair

Level sunken or settled concrete

The team at Arise Concrete Leveling are experts in residential concrete lifting and foundation crack repair. Our Derby, KS, company is committed to delivering punctual service, hassle-free solutions, competitive rates, and a deep understanding of your residential concrete repair needs. We are fueled by a relentless determination to tackle concrete problems, even the most challenging tasks. We utilize top-of-the-line mechanical devices and premium materials to ensure every Derby residential concrete lifting job not only meets but also exceeds expectations. We pride ourselves on being responsive to your needs, and we believe in providing fair and competitive prices.

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Concrete Lifting and Leveling

Concrete lifting and leveling is a process where we raise sunken, settled or uneven residential concrete surfaces to restore them to their original level. We achieve this by injecting a specialized material beneath the sunken concrete, often structural grade polyurethane foam. This material lifts the concrete as it expands and cures, correcting any unevenness. This method is effective for repairing sidewalks, driveways, patios, or any concrete surfaces that have settled or have become uneven over time. The foam used in our Derby residential concrete lifting procedure cures in just 15 minutes and can be used immediately. It provides a swift and efficient solution.


Concrete Crack Repair

At Arise Concrete Leveling in Derby, our goal is not just to repair existing foundation cracks, but also to proactively address them before they escalate into bigger issues. Concrete cracks can allow water to infiltrate and erode the underlying soil, leading to voids that require attention. To extend the service life of your concrete, consider utilizing caulking. At Arise, our approach is comprehensive. We not only want to repair existing residential concrete cracks and address potential issues, but we also recommend crack filling for all lifting and leveling projects to ensure the best results.