Andover Residential Concrete Lifting & Foundation Crack Repair

Level sunken or settled concrete

Arise Concrete Leveling is a dedicated team of concrete lifting, leveling, and crack repair experts. We are devoted to providing timely service, straightforward solutions, cost effective pricing, and an in-depth comprehension of your unique residential concrete lifting needs in Andover, KS. Once our team has determined your needs, we will address your concrete concerns with an unwavering commitment, including handling the most demanding tasks. Our foundation crack repair experts in Andover persist in troubleshooting when concrete doesn’t level as expected. We use only top-tier mechanical equipment and premium materials to ensure every job meets the desired results.

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Concrete Lifting and Leveling

At Arise Concrete Leveling, our objective extends beyond repairing concrete foundation cracks; our team of Andover experts is committed to addressing concrete cracks proactively to prevent further issues. When it comes to leveling and lifting sunken or settled concrete slabs, our approach involves drilling 3/8 inch holes in the slab and injecting structural-grade polyurethane foam to restore the proper elevation. The foam employed in the concrete leveling and lifting process solidifies in a mere 15 minutes, allowing immediate use. Once the procedure is finished, the concrete surface is instantly ready for regular use, saving you time and providing immediate and long-lasting convenience. Concrete leveling and lifting in technical language is the method of elevating sunken, settled or uneven concrete surfaces. This approach is ideal for fixing residential sidewalks, patios, driveways, or any sunken concrete surfaces.

Concrete Crack Repair

Applying caulk to your concrete is the most effective method for extending its service life. At Arise Concrete Leveling, our aim is not merely repairing concrete cracks but also addressing them before they become significant issues. Concrete cracks can permit water infiltration, leading to soil erosion underneath, which results in voids that require remediation. An increase in pressure on unsupported concrete can result in additional cracks and continued sinking and settling. To prolong the condition of your concrete, ask us about using caulking.