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Is your driveway uneven, cracked, or sinking? If so, it’s time to give it the attention it needs. At Arise Concrete Leveling, we specialize in fast and effective driveway repairs in Wichita. With our proven concrete lifting techniques, we’ll restore your driveway quickly and affordably, so you can stop worrying and start enjoying a smoother and safer driveway.

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An Expert Concrete Driveway Fix in Wichita

Don’t let those driveway problems jar your car every time you pull onto your property or drive into your garage! We offer a variety of concrete repair solutions that will fix those problem areas once and for all. Here’s what you get when you choose us:
  • Expert Driveway Lifting: Our skilled technicians use advanced polyurethane foam injections to permanently raise and level sunken driveway slabs.
  • Fast and Effective Concrete Driveway Fix: Say goodbye to costly and time-consuming concrete replacement!
  • Durable Repairs: Our work will improve the appearance, safety, and longevity of your driveway.
  • Protection for Your Landscaping: We take extra care around your property to safeguard your lawn, flowerbeds, and any other landscaping features.
Our specialists drill small holes into the sunken concrete slab and inject a specialized polyurethane foam beneath the surface. The foam expands rapidly, filling any voids under the concrete and exerting pressure for permanent Wichita driveway leveling back to its original position. Once the desired height is reached, the foam hardens and provides stable and long-lasting support for your driveway slabs.

Driveway Lifting in Wichita and Beyond

Our expertise extends beyond just driveway leveling in Wichita. We also offer:

  • Crack and Joint Filling: Restore the integrity of your concrete and prevent further damage.
  • Garage Floor Leveling: Create a smoother and more functional garage space.
  • Patio and Sidewalk Leveling: Enjoy safe and attractive outdoor areas again.

Don’t let your driveway problems get out of hand. Reach out to Arise Concrete Leveling today!  Schedule your free inspection and estimate, and we’ll show you how we can put the fix on your concrete driveway in Wichita.


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We are a family owned company

We are a family owned company in Wichita. Our team is dedicated to
providing cost effective repair solutions to home and business owners in the South Central Kansas area with settled concrete or soil stabilization problems. We offer state of the art technology to meet our customers’ needs by utilizing the best tools and materials available. We work hard to give our customers a great value and produce long lasting results. It is our goal to exceed expectations and industry standards.