Deep Foamjection

Arise Concrete Leveling is a trusted expert for concrete lift and stabilization in Derby.

Concrete Leveling and Stabilization

At Arise Concrete Leveling, our seasoned professionals specialize in concrete lifting and stabilization for Derby homes and businesses. We understand your concrete repair needs, and we are committed to delivering them. Our team focuses on providing straightforward services and punctual work at competitive rates.

We employ top-notch equipment, techniques, and materials to assure our Derby clients of concrete lifting and stabilization that will hold up for many years to come.

Deep Foamjection (Void Filling)

  • Supports structures and slabs that have settled.
  • Fills ground voids and cracks.
  • Enhances subgrade load-bearing capacity.
  • Displaces water collected in voids.
  • Is an improvement over traditional concrete lifting.
  • Stabilizes unstable soils.

What Is Deep Foamjection Leveling?

For Derby residential and commercial properties, our skilled team uses an innovative polyurethane foam lifting technique for crack repairs and slab repair for sidewalks and driveways. Deep Foamjection, an advanced form of concrete raising, involves injecting foam deeper to bolster the soil’s load-bearing capacity. Its advantages include:

    • The foam maintains its shape and does not absorb groundwater, ensuring a lasting repair.
    • By permeating weak soils and expanding, the foam consolidates the soil for increased stability.
    • It’s an environmentally friendly solution, not releasing harmful chemicals into the soil.
    • The foam navigates to the weakest areas, ensuring thorough coverage. Our skilled team uses our polyurethane foamjection leveling service in Derby to ensure the proper lifting and stabilizing of concrete slabs.
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As a family-owned concrete lift business in Derby, our dedication lies in offering economical repair solutions to both homeowners and businesses in South Central Kansas facing issues with settled concrete or soil stabilization. We utilize cutting-edge technology, pairing it with the finest tools and materials to serve our clients. Our commitment is to provide exceptional value and durable outcomes, always striving to surpass both client expectations and industry benchmarks.

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