Deep Foamjection

Arise Concrete Leveling proudly provides concrete stabilization in Andover and foamjection lifting for concrete slabs.

Concrete Leveling and Stabilization

Arise Concrete Leveling brings experienced professionals to the forefront in concrete stabilization for Andover homes and businesses. Our team is dedicated to the complete restoration of your concrete elements on your Andover property with foamjection lifting for concrete slabs and provide soil stabilization for weak subsoil that may cause foundation failure—with direct, timely, and competitively priced services. If it has to do with comprised concrete, we can fix it.

Our use of superior equipment, proven methods, and quality materials ensures our clients in Andover of concrete stabilization and lifting services that will endure for years.

deep foam injection

Deep Foamjection (Void Filling)

  • Displaces water in voids.
  • Strengthens support under settled structures and slabs.
  • Enhances the load-bearing capacity of the subgrade.
  • Fills ground voids and fissures.
  • Offers a superior alternative to traditional concrete lifting.
  • Stabilizes shifting soils.

What Is Deep Foamjection Leveling?

For properties in Andover, our adept team employs a cutting-edge polyurethane foam lifting method for crack repairs and slab repairs for walkways and driveways. Deep Foamjection, a sophisticated concrete stabilization technique, is a process of injecting the foam deeper to improve the ability of the soil to support the weight of the concrete. The benefits of Deep Foamjection include:

  • The stability of the foam and its resistance to groundwater absorption guarantee enduring repairs.
  • The expansion of the foam in weak soils consolidates them for enhanced stability.
  • It’s an eco-friendly option that does not release toxins into the soil.
  • The foam targets the most compromised areas, ensuring comprehensive coverage. Our team in Andover uses foamjection leveling for concrete slabs for proper and permanent stabilization.
graphic illustration of how concrete leveling works
What we offer

We are a family-owned company

As a family-operated concrete stabilization business in Andover, we focus on delivering cost-effective repair solutions to homeowners and businesses throughout South Central Kansas facing settled concrete or soil stabilization issues. We blend advanced technology with the best tools and materials to serve our clients. Our promise is to offer outstanding value and long-lasting results, always aiming to exceed client expectations and industry standards.

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