Deep Foam Injection in Goddard, KS

Don't replace your concrete when a simple foam injection will do! Instead, call Arise Concrete's best-in-class service providers to learn more.

When it comes to concrete fixing techniques, a fresh pour isn’t always the cure. Often, replacing an entire concrete slab simply because it has become uneven is an incredible waste of time, effort, and money. Why not consider a deep foam injection in Goddard, KS?

Many are finding these polyurethane foam injections a feasible alternative for their concrete problems. Arise Concrete, Goddard’s reliable concrete contractor, follows the industry standard for everything from commercial concrete lifting to the same void-filling tactics that hold up major highways. Let our high-impact surface solutions help you with services such as:

  • Sub-surface repair
  • Soil stabilization
  • Concrete leveling
  • And more

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High-Quality Concrete Lifting Services in Goddard, Kansas

Replacing your property’s concrete slabs can be rewarding and offer a fresh look to the place. Still, not every concrete problem requires a complete replacement. If you’d like to save money and time, deep foam injection is the way to go.

This process stops your structure from sinking even further into the ground. That way, concrete patios, pathways, and other structures can last for years to come. The polyurethane concrete lifting drilling and injection method is also efficient—you can have your structure back and ready to impress in less than 15 minutes.

What Concrete Issue in Goddard Could Injection Lifting Help With?

Why consider our super-fast, dependable injection lifting options?

  • Stabilize the soil below
  • Stabilize and support your foundation
  • Support concrete foundations
  • Prevent further sinking
  • Fills ground voids and fissures
  • Increases slab durability
  • Permanent 
  • Zero water absorption
  • Binds the soil below for a solid expanded surface beneath the substrate
  • Zero harmful chemicals
  • Fills weak areas in the concrete and the soil

If you have a property that could do with concrete lifting, why not let us help you make your concrete look as good as new? Contact us as soon as possible.

What we offer

Arise Concrete’s Deep Foam Injection Services in and Around Goddard, Kansas

While replacing a concrete structure can be a fresh start, opting to lift the structure still provides the much-needed reinforcement to prevent the same issue from repeating in the future. To that end, deep foam injection in Goddard, KS, is a relatively new advancement that uses flexible, safe foam to support concrete and stabilize the soil below it. If your concrete patio is sinking or your sidewalk is eroding, a little lift might be just what the structure needs for a refresh. 

Deep foam injection can apply to almost anything, whether that’s a beloved patio constructed of bricks, a sidewalk near your home or business, or the base of your poolside area. A deep foam injection will also prevent underground water seepage into the foundations, unlike porous concrete.

Explore deep foam injection in Goddard, KS, from Arise Concrete. Restore your concrete structures the quick and easy way—contact us online or call 316-867-6565 today.